Aircraft Upsets and UPRT in the News

Aircraft Upsets Making Headlines Over the course of 2014, there have been a number of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) mishaps that have made the headlines.  In December, AirAsia 8501 (an A-320), resulted in the loss of 162 people.  To be …

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Airframe Icing and Loss of Control In-flight — More than just a weight issue


Airframe icing and its affect on an aircraft is a complex issue.  Icing adds weight to the aircraft and alters the characteristics of the airfoil.  To prevent or remove airfoil icing, anti-ice and de-ice systems are employed.  These systems, however, …

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Can Technology Solve the Loss Of Control – In Flight Problem?

  With more and more aircraft entering the market with advanced technology in the cockpit, it would seem that many of the causes of accidents would be mitigated or eliminated.  Even the venerable Cessna 172, with the Garmin G-1000 package, has …

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FAA Encourages Pilots To Hand Fly More

We found an article in Flying Magazines online version (see the original here) discussing a recent FAA safety alert.  The FAA is concerned that pilots are relying too much on automation, and not retaining proficiency in “hand flying skills”.  The article …

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Graduated Approach to Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

ICATEE Upset Prevention / Recovery Training (UPRT) vision of graduated approach includes academics, sims, and on-aircraft training in aerobatic platforms.

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Evolving Upset Prevention and Recovery Training guidelines

Our thoughts on this resource: We found this article on deficiencies in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training to be very informative.  The authors, Paul “BJ” Ransbury and Dr. Janeen Kochan, identify 7 key deficiencies in current Upset Prevention and Recovery …

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