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AP IMPACT: Automation in the air dulls pilot skill

Automation prompts safety officials’ concern about pilots’ skills Airplanes are become increasingly automated, leading some safety officials to raise concerns that pilots might be losing their in-flight instincts, which could be troublesome when faced with an issue. Rory Kay, co-chairman …

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Experts Urge “Sweeping” Changes in Pilot Training

Training for airline pilots should utilize more-realistic simulators and focus more on manual flying skills, according to a new report by a panel of experts, The Wall Street Journal reported this week. The 54-page report, which was requested by Congress, …

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Instructor Standards: Cornerstone of Loss of Control Upsets

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is an unique and unprecedented challenge for the flight instructor pilot due the counter-intuitive aspects of prevention and recovery mitigation strategies. UPRT is often an individualized training process due to both it’s inherent technical …

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